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February 2024 - Life Update

Harry Moy
Hello from Princeton, New Jersey! I'm here for a few days again visiting a friend before heading to NYC for a week and a half. I suffered from gastroenteritis this month, which was horrible. It's been a while since I've felt so ill. But, I'm back firing on all cylinders and excited for the month ahead.

🤓 What I've been doing
  • I attended an e/acc hackathon. While I didn't have the time to participate, it was inspiring to see the AI projects built. And it was fun to get some e/acc merch.
  • This month I was *mostly* sober. I only drank alcohol on one day and feeling fresh in the mornings was so relieving. I enjoy alcohol, but it's best in moderation.
  • I continued to work on Someone, the pivot from Nearly. I'm excited by the product we're building and looking forward to showing it to more people ahead of launch.
 👀 What I've been consuming
  • 🎬 Renfield, Chris McKay - A short and fun film starring two Nic(h)olases, Cage and Hoult. Cage plays Dracula and Hoult is the eponymous Renfield. Renfield is tired of being Dracula's servant and wants to live his own life, but in doing that crosses with local city's mob.
  • 📚 Dune, Frank Herbert - A sci-fi epic (that's now a film series), the Atreides family are now responsible for spice production on the planet Arrakis, much to the frustration of the rivalling Harkkonen family. It mixes what you'd expect from sci-fi with some fantasy tropes and makes for a read that feels like playing a game of Civilization, "one more page".
🔮 What's coming up
  • My birthday! I get a step closer to 30 on the 5th. I've booked an Apple Vision Pro demo as a treat.
  • 10 days in NYC, I'll be there until the 14th and get to experience Super Bowl Sunday American style.
28th January, 2024 (watching an AI robot presentation)