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July 2024 - Life Update

Harry Moy
We're now officially into the second half of the year. It feels like the time's whizzed by! Tomorrow (July 4th) brings several weeks of hard work to a finish. Hard work that's result is all dependent on other people. I'm feeling nervous...

🤓 What I've been doing
  • I've been continuing to work on the election. The opposition has increased their attack over the past week or so and it's gotten very heated. It's taken evenings and weekends and has been long hours, but it's been a pleasure to work with such hard-working and determined people. I'll end up writing something on here about the whole experience.
  • I saw Book of Mormon. Apart from the opening number, I can't remember many of the songs. What I do remember though is that it's hilarious. It's from the creators of South Park and does make you jealous at just how talented some people can be.
 👀 What I've been consuming
  • 📚 The Obstacle is The Way, Ryan Holliday - Re-reading a book by the stoicism guru himself. A reminder about mental resilience and framing how to perceive the world. If you find yourself blaming others, give this a read.
🔮 What's coming up
  • Hopefully an election win
  • A friend from New York is visiting (albeit for a day)!
30th June, 2024 (Team Islington North)