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June 2024 - Life Update

Harry Moy
We're now getting towards the end of the first half of 2024. And it's a pretty short one today. Most of my time is spent either working, with friends or watching a copious amount of The Simpsons.

🤓 What I've been doing
  • One of my best friends got married! After about six years of engagement, the day finally came. What I love about weddings is they're an opportunity to bring friends together and have a silly time.
  • There's an election happening in the UK and I'm helping out. In my ward, I'm the "Deputy of Head of Campaigning" for our candidate. We face an uphill battle, but I'm excited to work with other passionate people to get our candidate elected.
  • Some of my friends from London visited my home town. We enjoyed a curry, watched rugby, drank a lot of alcohol and had some wonderful brunch. What surprised them most was how cheap it was compared to London. But they won't be moving any time soon.
🔮 What's coming up
  • We've got an election campaign to win.
    12th May, 2024 (me cracking up at a joke of mine nobody else found funny)