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March 2023 - Life Update

Harry Moy
Hello! It’s been a while. After spending February in head's down mode in Here* (apart from my birthday and a mini-trip to Ireland), I’m here at the beginning of March ready to sync with the start of the month.
🤓 What I've been doing
  • Here is now Nearly, and it’s in beta! After toiling away and fighting with SwiftUI and iOS's APIs, it’s arrived. We’ve rolled it out to a few users and now the fun begins. It's surreal to see people using a product you've made. I can't describe the feeling, but giddy comes to mind.
  • For the first time, I visited Ireland. I guess it’s because it’s so close that I hadn’t visited before? Well, I’m not sure why I hadn’t been, because it’s stunning. After a couple of days in Dublin, we rented a car and drove for miles across the Irish countryside. Driving on the right (left) side of the road made me feel like I was at home.
  • I turned 28 and celebrated it with friends in Nottingham. Often my birthday becomes a serious time of reflection, and after getting over being in a mood about my age, I realised how good I have it right now.
  • Last time I wrote about learning Elixir. This was a distraction. While I know it’s something I’ll come back to later, it doesn’t help in the immediate term with work on Nearly. Instead, I’m focusing on Swift to make Nearly a best in class app.
  • My gym offers combat classes, so I’ve taken up Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. It’s quite weird having somebody you’ve never met before strangle you on the first class. But that’s all part of the fun. Recently, I had my first sparring session and I had a blast. It's oddly meditative in that you have to pay complete attention or you're on the floor in a chokehold.
📚 What I've been reading
  • Red Roulette, Desmond Shum: I visited China in 2015 and have a lot of interest in the Chinese state. This book tells an insider’s account of the inner-workings of China and its corruption during its meteoric rise in the 00s. If you’re curious about China, give this a read
  • The New New Thing, Michael Lewis: Michael Lewis doesn’t miss. He’s written some of the most captivating stories of our times, like The Big Short, The Fifth Risk and Moneyball. And about twenty years ago, he
  • Wanting, Luke Burgis: A book that dives into Rene Girard's Mimetic Theory. The idea that we imitate what our desires come from what other people desire, so we simply imitate them. It's a book full of examples of this, but I don't feel it warrants its length.
🔮 What's coming up
  • I’m moving! To somewhere a few roads away. So I’m staying as a member of the North London metropolitan elite for a little while longer. In fact, I’ve moving further up north!
  • And because I'm moving, I've very little money (deposits are very expensive rn!). So my head's back down building.