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October 2022 - Life Update

Harry Moy
We may be halfway into the month, but the idea sprung into my head and I since I haven't written in a while, I thought why not get it done? So here's the first of my monthly life updates.

🤓 What I've been doing (and haven't)
  • Building Here, an ambient messaging app, with Jon. In-app messaging and location discovery is working, so now it's various design and performance tweaks before the beta kicks off in London.
  • Reallocated my investment portfolio and sadly stopped making angel investments for the time being. Now I balance my portfolio between bonds, medium risk ETFs, dividend-paying stocks, and cheap high-risk bets (ie crypto)
  • Still yet to find form with weight-training in the gym. Instead I've been doing a lot of Barry's Bootcamp, and I've seen my cardio performance increase significantly. I'm in the process of changing gyms to reduce the friction of going.
  • Continuing my break from dating. Too time-consuming, draining and the risk of getting hurt is high. It's sad that several of my friends feel the same way.
📚 What I've Been Reading
Admittedly my reading habit has slowed down recently but I am currently making my way through a few books currently. 
  • Discipline is Destiny, Ryan Holiday - This book is filled with examples of how living a disciplined life and staying on track is what leads to the outcomes we want. Sometimes it's easy to give in, but reminding ourselves of where we can go if we stick with it and not give in to temptation is the key to growth. An important read in a world of short-term dopamine.
  • No One Is Talking About This, Patricia Lockwood - A poetic book that starts in a non-narrative style which paints a portrait of the always-on world in which we now live, but later explores grief through tragedy. Beautifully written and at times, very witty.
  • Breakfast London - I asked a work colleague for brunch place recommendations in Soho. So she gave me the literal book on brunch spots in all of London. Slowly working my way through both the book and the spots.
🔮 What's Coming Up
  • I leave to go to Greece for a week in a few days. I haven't had proper time off in a long time, on my trip in Lisbon in May I spent a lot of time working. Although, I'll probably do some work in Greece.
  • When I get back from Greece, I can work off the pounds I'll no doubt gain during Barry's Hell Week. Seven classes, seven days.
  • During the week of Hell Week, I'll also be seeing Kendrick Lamar, which'll be my first time seeing him live ever. Excited isn't the word.
  • Writing a follow up piece on Why I Love the Internet. There's plenty more for me to expand on from the past year.
Speak next month!

"We must master ourselves unless we’d prefer to be mastered by someone or something else." - Ryan Holiday, Discipline is Destiny