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October 2023 - Life Update

Harry Moy
Hello! I've written before about inputs and outputs. And it's dawned on me that my inputs are, once again, to blame for low output recently. But while I can reset easily, what I'm paying attention to is at what point the consistency slips. At what point do my inputs go from net-positive to net-negative. From there, I can get back on track.
๐Ÿค“ What I've been doing
  • Added photos to Nearly, at the moment only portrait images are showing. I'm wrestling with landscape images, which aren't padding correctly.
  • I saw Aziz Ansari do standup. This wasn't planned much in advance, but a friend had a ticket free so I joined. I came away impressed, I hadn't seen any of his work before but he was very funny, especially given it was a work in progress show. Also TIL (on the day I saw him) that he lives in London.
  • I've booked a trip around Europe in early December. I'll be in Warsaw and then Berlin with a large group of friends, then a friend and I will be heading to Kรถln, Brussels and Amsterdam before coming back to London.
๐Ÿ“š What I've been reading
I'm still on the Teddy Roosevelt book, which I'm getting through slowly. Since switching from commuting by train to cycling each day, I've lost my usual reading time. With how busy life is currently, I'm using reading as a way to unwind.
๐Ÿ”ฎ What's coming up
  • As mentioned last month, I'm heading to Princeton and I'll be going to my first ever basketball game, watching the Knicks at Madison Square Garden.
Me with Arsenal legend Robert Pires (looking the other way ๐Ÿ˜”) - September 24, 2023