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September 2023 - Life Update

Harry Moy
Summer is now over, although the sun is occasionally poking out through the clouds. The football season has started, but so has autumn. 
🤓 What I've been doing
  • After getting my bike, I’m convinced there’s no better way to get around the city than to cycle. And yes, it is safe.
  • Finalising a couple of new updates to Nearly - private threads and a much requested feature, photos.
  • I've picked up BJJ again and although my flexibility and mobility still aren't great, I'm having a blast.
📚 What I've been reading
  • The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt, Edmund Morris - this is a thicc boi, but boi is it is good. Teddy has become a dream dinner party guest thanks to his ebullience, vitality and principles. Unfortunately, he died 104 years ago.
“It is not often that a man can make opportunities for himself. But he can put himself in such shape that when or if the opportunities come he is ready to take advantage of them.”
🔮 What's coming up
  • I've realised that my thinking has become murky. Clouded. So I'm making an effort to write more to achieve clearer thinking.
  • In October, I head to Princeton, New Jersey to visit a friend.
August 6th 2023 (Making my friend Rami an Arsenal fan)